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Simple Friendship Ring

  1. Cut about a foot of string and thread in needle if possible.
  2. Knot string around safety pin if needed.
  3. String half the seed beads needed for ring. Usually about 15 to 18 beads.
  4. String the large bead.
  5. Add the rest of the small seed beads in the same pattern.
  6. Take pin off and remove needle.
  7. Make sure it fits around desired finger. If not, simply remove or add more beads until wanted length. Might become tighter when knotted.
  8. Double or triple knot the two ends of string. Then pull the string through a few more beads, so it is harder to break.
  9. Add a drop of clear nail glue to secure knot.
  10. Wait till it dries then cut off excess string.

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