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  • Review on Sweet Dreams # 227 by


    Cassidy Cooper hopes that on the Caribbean cruise she is taking shešll meet a really great guy. But she is totally annoyed when she discovers that Josh Cortez, the most annoying boy in her class (and the person shešs had to sit next to since kindergarten) is taking the same cruise. Josh follows Cassidy everywhere. Then Cassidy meets Marcus OšRoark a hunky guy who works on the boat (with an English accent). Then she finds out that Marcus is in charge of baby-sitting kids and she passes off Joshšs sister as her own (for ten bucks). Ofcourse the sister tells Josh but he agrees to keep his mouth shut. Then while they were snorkeling Josh kisses Cassidy. She realizes she loves Josh but when she tells Marcus he doesnšt let her go(literally). Luckily Josh comes to her rescue and she kisses him. To make a long story short they end up as a couple. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is really good! I couldnšt put it down untill it was finished.


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