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by ~*~*~*~

Carl: Oh, Larita, Iım going to miss you!

³Cut!² the director said. He was furious. ³Carl is supposed to say: Oh Larita, Iım going to miss you like ice cream sundaes.²

³Ahhhhh, ahhhhh!² Miss Young, the costume artist yelled.

³Oh what is it now?² the director asked, rushing to see what was the matter.Ms. Young explained to the guard and the director.

³Lock the doors and gates! There is a killer on the loose! Someone killed our star actress, Valeri Chersmith! Sheıs behind the balcony !² yelled Officer Williams. ³Valeri!!!² Greg Partini, who plays Carl shouted. ³Iım afraid we have lost her, sir. She was stabbed in the heart.²

* * *

³I saw you or Anni go up out of the kitchen with a knife just like the one Valeri was killed with.² Cook Stephens said.

The director exclaimed, ³Anni was supposed to give me that an hour ago.²

³She said she needed to go to the restroom and went the wrong way.²

³Oh. But where were you at the time Valeri was killed, eh?²

³I was in the dressing room helping Patsi Crantas, the stunt double get -um- dressed. I was with Angela and Cailla.² Angela and Cailla were the make-up artists.

* * *

On the next morning, Anni was sent home because of a major fight.

³Cara, hi-ya. Girl-friend, have I got a big surprise for you. You know Valeri Chersmith? I killed her! Yes me! Donıt you dareŠWhat? You say I am friends with that dork. Eeeeck!²

³Hi Anni, what did you do today?²


* * *

³So you say you killed her, eh!?! Iım very disappointed in you!²

³Iım sorry. I guess I was jealous because Anne and I didnıt get the part.²

³I was going to send Anne to the police this instant! Why, shame on you , Anni.²

³Iım sorry, director. I will never show my face here again. Take care of Anne!²

She was carried away and was never to be seen again . Anne got the lead part and Carl and Anne got together and loved each other dearly and lived happily.



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