Full Moon

By Ida Kathry

Chapter 1

One night, Sailor Mars, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Tails, Nermal, and Garfield were in the carnival. Soon, they've found a fortune teller booth. "Only 50 cents," said the fortune teller. Everyone paid 50 cents to the fortune teller. "I see the cute kitten she is so talented and gets much attention," said the fortune teller, "next, I see the 2-tailed fox. He is successful every time." "Well, you know about 2-tailed foxes like me," said Tails. Soon, the fortune teller said kind things about everyone. "Uh, you're forgetting someone," said Sailor Moon. When the fortune teller got to Sailor Mercury's fortune, it wasn't good. "Oh, no," said the fortune teller; "she has gotten the curse!' Everyone got up from their seats. "Don't listen to her, Sailor Mercury," said Sailor Moon, "it's just a gag!" "At the full moon, she will turn into a wolf creature," said the fortune teller. Everyone gasped. "Don't worry, Sailor Mercury," said Sailor Mars, "the moon is all covered up in those clouds!" Later back home, Sailor Moon was watching a monster movie called "Oh, the dreaded werewolf!"

Soon, the clouds uncovered full moon. Then, something happened to Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon heard a noise. Tails, Garfield, and Nermal heard the same noise. Sailor Mars ran downstairs. It was 9:00 at night. Soon, Sailor Moon said, "Do you think that the werewolf might be here?" "No, Sailor Moon, it might, and if it's here, we're here to kill it," shouted Garfield, "ready, and 1, 2, 3!" They all screamed when they entered the kitchen. They saw the werewolf. They used pots and pans to fight the werewolf. Soon, the clouds covered the full moon again. The werewolf changed to Sailor Mercury. "Stop it, everyone," said Sailor Mercury, "that hurts!' "The curse," said Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury shouted, "YOU'RE IN MAJOR TROUBLE!" Sailor Mercury dusted herself off and got up and went to bed.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Sailor Mars wondered what Sailor Mercury meant when she said, "You're in major trouble." Sailor Mercury was still mad at the Freedom Fighters. Soon, it was time to eat breakfast. Sailor Jupiter was about to serve breakfast, when Sailor Mercury said, "I'm not hungry." "You must have breakfast," said Sailor Jupiter, "it's the most important meal of the day!" "I'm mad," said Sailor Mercury. With that, Sailor Mercury slammed Sailor Jupiter with her plate! "Grumpy Sailor Mercury," whispered Sailor Mars. "I KNEW WHAT YOU SAID," said Sailor Mercury. That night, the full moon did it again! The werewolf crept up to Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter turned around and screamed, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" She ran downstairs. The Freedom Fighters weren't kidding! Thought Sailor Jupiter. Just as the werewolf was about to eat Sailor Jupiter, the clouds covered up the full moon. Soon, Sailor Mercury turned back to herself. "Oh, poor thing," said Sailor Mercury; "why are you afraid?" Sailor Jupiter shivered and said, "DON'T EAT ME!' Sailor Mercury sighed. So, the Freedom Fighters went to the carnival, but when the time they got there, the carnival has left the city. "We're too late," said Sailor Moon, "the carnival and the fortune teller has left the city!" Soon, they saw the fortune teller packing. "Hey, we need you," said Sailor Moon. The fortune teller looked at Sailor Moon. "Your curse worked,' said Sailor Moon. "Don't be stupid, my curses never worked," said the fortune teller. "Well, this one has," said Sailor Mars. Finally, Sailor Moon said it was up to her. Down the road she dashed, to her Sonic"s house to make something that Sailor Mercury likes. Sailor Moon ran back in her house and walked inside. She sets traps and then looked for the werewolf. All of a sudden, the werewolf grabbed Sailor Moon! With all her strength, Sailor Moon broke free, but no matter when she ran, it was there! One thing's for sure...


Chapter 3

Sailor Moon didn't know what to do. Well, there is only one thing to do. Sailor Moon screamed and screamed! That's when Sailor Moon got out her secret weapon. It's a sandwich! "Now, now," screamed Sailor Moon. "I remove the curse from your head," said the fortune teller. Soon, the werewolf changed back to Sailor Mercury. The next morning, the Sailor Scouts almost forgot last night... or did they?


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