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Sad Romance End Story

by MLS Fan


It was a cold, Wednesday night in Bradenton, FL. Sitting on his bed waiting in anticipation was Ricky Jorghy, an 11 year old boy with brown hair, and brown eyes. He was excited because his girlfriend, Alicia was supposed to call him back with something VERY important. He wondered what it could be? "A special trip", he thought. Or maybe a "Special thing she wanted to say to him". Oh, whatever it was Ricky was excited! He was nervous because even though Alicia and him have been going out for 8 months they had only talked on the phone a few times. He started reading a book when he heard the phone ring. He was sure it was her! He shouted "I got it" to his family. He shut his bedroom door to avoid intruders. "Hello", he said.

"Ricky?", Alicia asked."Oh, hi Alicia", Ricky said nervously. "What's up", he said. "Oh, nothing much here", Alicia said. "Uh, What was it you wanted, Alicia?", Ricky wondered.

There was a pause. Ricky seemed nervous, almost afraid of the answer because she paused.

"Uh, Ricky I don't know how to say this but Stacey said you told her you liked her", Alicia said in a quiet voice. "What?!", Ricky shouted. He was taken aback. He had never said such a thing! "Ricky?", Alicia asked. "Did you", she asked

. "Of course I didn't, you know I love you!", Ricky exclaimed. Ricky seemed taken aback himself because he knew what he said was true, but he didn't realize he had told Alicia! "Ricky, Lisa said that on the way to school you said that", she said. "Wait, I know what she thought I meant!", Ricky shouted. He had told Stacey that she would see her a lot once their grade has gone to middle school. He told Alicia this. "I don't know", she said. "Lisa does not usually lie.", Alicia said.

"Oh, You know how much I like you!", Ricky said. He couldn't believe this! Never, not for one second had the thought even passed through his mind to like someone else. They had been going out for such a long time they knew everything about each other. He did not want to see this wonderful relationship end. He loved her so dearly! Well, Alicia and Ricky went on with this for about two and a half hours. Finally, Alicia just said "Please, can't we just be friends?", Alicia asked.

Ricky felt sick. Sure, he replied. Then he said "See you"

He then went on to cry for about forty five minutes. Him and Alicia gone forever! The thought was just unbearable! What Ricky didn't know that was that after Alicia had asked the horrible question she was wringing a towel and crying herself. Ricky opened the door and watched the moon. Oh, well, Ricky thought. I'll get her back! I know I will! With that, he went back inside and went to bed, crying himself to sleep.

The next day didn't had to come so Ricky reluctantly walked to school and saw Alicia sitting behind him. He knew he couldn't talk to her. He just turned back and give a little unhappy smile, and she answered back. He didn't say a word in school and when anyone mentioned Alicia he either got angry or walked away. What Ricky didn't know was that he would spend years and years trying to start the magic up again. But nothing came of the results. But, Ricky will live. maybe, Maybe in a few years Alicia will see how special she really is to Ricky.



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