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Written by: Sarah Nicole McMahan

May 21, 1997

Summer camp started one sunny July afternoon. The bus pulled into the driveway of the church. I, Madison Clark, was going to summer camp. I had been praying for God to set me up with a really cute guy. I saw my friend Ruthie walking through the parking lot. She was so pretty that she took my breath as well as taking everyguy at churches breath. I had never been to camp so I ran over to her and started talking......

The dorm that we choose was named Rebecca. We dumped our junk in the floor next to the closet (who hangs clothes up?). We ran over the dining room. There sat a bunch of boys from our church and school. They all looked really nice except for one of them. He was very UN-handsome. He was sorta heavy, he had strawberry blonde colored hair, beautiful blue eyes, and freckles the color of his hair covering his entire body (or at least what I could see of it ). Ruthie sat down beside him and began talking.

He looked at me with those beautiful blues and said to Ruthie, "Ruthie, aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely friend?". "How rude of me. Madison Clark this is Elias Drummond. We've known each other since we were born." was Ruthie's smug reply. I shot her the evil eye and she knew why. I thought this guy was UGLY!!!! "It is a pleasure to meet you" I said out of desperation for words. "The pleasure is all mine" was all he said and then he began talking to Micheal Young. Micheal was tall, dark, handsome, and he was Ruthie's boyfriend! "Why didn't you tell me that Ruthie's best friend was so beautiful?" whispered Elias under his breath to Micheal. Micheal was lacking something to say so he replys "I never really thought about it".

That night at dinner Elias walked over to me while I was waiting on my food and said "Madison, would you like me to save you a seat out on the floating dining room?". Not knowing what to say and not really wanting to I said "That would be great. I'll see you in a few."

I was hoping he would get the picture and walk away but he said "Great. May I carry your plate?"

I nodded slowly in disgust.

Out in the dining room we began to talk. I noticed that he wasn't as ugly as I thought. He was very sweet and charming. The wind was blowing across the lake. It was very cold and I began to shiver. "Are you cold? Would you like to wear my jacket?" asked Elias politely. "That'd be great" I said.He handed me his jacket then he wrapped one arm around my shoulder. I looked up at him(he must have been 6 foot tall) and he smiled really sweet. I snuggled way down under his arm where it was warm. Maybe he wasn't such a creep after all.


May 30, 1997

That night while lying in my bunk I thought about the way the day had went. It had been okay, I guess. I sort of liked Elias but I wasn't about to admit it for the fear of what someone might think. I wasn't even going to tell Ruthie, and I tell her everything. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't let my feelings for Elias show. Heck, I didn't really want to admit to myself that I liked him.

At 7:30 the next morning I was rudely awakened by my counselor, Beth's, perky voice singing the song "Rise and Shine, and Give God the Glory". I rolled out of bed so that I could have the shower first. I grabbed my shorts and an Atlanta Braves tee-shirt along with some underclothes and bolted down the hall toward the showers. Ahhhhhh. The water was warm and woke me up. I climbed out and got dressed all the while thinking about last night and wondering if I had dreamed it.

I ran toward the kitchen. Nobody was there. I looked at my watch. It was only 7:45 and breakfast didn't start until 9:00. "Hello? Is anyone in here?" I called very softly. "I am." came a farmilar voice from behind the wall. "Elias? Is that you?" I cried. He appeared from around the corner. He had one hand behind his back. Hmmmmm, that seemed strange. He came closer and grabbed my hands and placed in them a bouqet of wild daisies. I looked up into his big blue eyes and said "This is very sweet of you. Thank you. Thank you so much." He blushed and his face was burning red. You couldn't even see his freckles it was so red. About that time kids began milling in. It wasn't any where near 9. Or was it. I glanced at my watch and it read 8:52. Wow we must have been in such a daze that we didn't realize how long we had been standing there. The room was suddenly quiet and then laughter flooded the entire room. I realized that Elias still had his hand cupped over mine. Heartbroken and nearly in tears I stormed out of the kitchen so fast that I fell and cut my leg. Suddenly I saw a hand reaching down as if to pull me back on feet. It was Elias. I looked up and I said "Just go away." About that time I burst out in tears. He bent down to the ground and put one hand on my face. He took his thumb and wiped away a tear that was running down my cheek. "You really should have someone take a look at that cut" he said as he pointed at my leg. "I can't stand on it" I said. He swooped me up into his arms and started down the hill toward the infirmary. I looked up and smiled.

After I was bandaged up he walked me back to the kitchen. We had missed breakfast but there was some stuff still on the buffet. We got some sausage and went to a table to sit down. "I don't know what is going on but Madison, I think I love you." I gasped. No one had ever said that to me before. "I don't know what to say, Elias," I said. "Why don't you try I love you too," he said. "Oh, I do. I do. I love you too." He leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips and we lived happily ever after.



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